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About Us

Dreams are the parts and parcel of our life. They are the basic secret behind every story of success. It is dream that helps us to stand against all the bitter realities. Misguided are those who think their dreams to be attainable in reality. Rather what we dream about has a link with reality and our task is to draw out that link and make every dream a reality.


Dreamz, as the name suggests, is a store house of dreams . Our dream is to make worried faces brightened, to see people around us happy and contented. So we started our journey last year with a small resource and a huge supports from our friends and beloveds. As the days went we had to acknowledge that support can work. And as a token of that success we have now launched “Shantineer”, a happy home. Yes, it’s an effort to lend our hands to those who dream of having a happy home of their own. In this weekly programme the owners can advertise and the dreamers can seek the way to fulfill their dreams.


This is not the end although. We will soon take you to high mountains from evergreen plains ; to golden desert from sleepy blue ocean. Yes, right you are. We are going to launch a programme on traveling .


Children are our inspiration. So we can not forget their rights on us. For them also we are planning something. It will not be any talent show. Children! Trust us . It will be an entirely new kind of thing. But we wont tell you now what it exactly is. You will have to wait and watch.


Yes, we have many others dreams like this. Its true that we are here to help those who dare to dream. But it is also true that without your help our dreams will never see the face of reality. Please do give us support.


Family Members of Dreamz

* Saikat , the Producer & Director 

* Jayanta, Soma & Barun, as Programme Coordinator

* Anjan, the Editor

* Sherry, Moumit & Uttam, behind the camera

* Khushi, in the role of anchor

* Tathagata & Meghamala, as scriptwriters